Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more. 

This goes for both water consumption and your skin… a good moisturizer and a travel water bottle should be your new travel besties!

Rest when you can.

Carry an eye mask for deeper plane shuteye.

Treat your body to a little preflight TLC. 

Hit the meditation room for a few minutes of zen (Headspace, anyone?!) or for a little extra splurge, opt for a quick 10 minute massage at the airport spa. Some larger Duty Free spots that carry luxury skincare like La Mer will give you a pre-flight facial with a purchase, it’s worth the ask and indulgence!

Give yourself an in-flight facial.

Our top pick: BeautyBio Bright Eyes eye patches.

Disinfect everything.

Bacteria on your hands can cause some serious breakouts if you touch your face. Carry a travel-sized hand sanitizer to wipe away pesky germs. Also, keep some disinfectant wipes handy to wipe down your tray table and arm rests.

Dust on dry shampoo.

Especially on long-haul flights, you don’t have the chance to wash your hair. A little sprinkle or spritz of dry shampoo will cure any oily scalp.

Give yourself lip service.

Dryness isn’t exclusive to just skin— your lips need love, too. To avoid the dreaded chapped lips, pick an ultra-moisturizing chapstick or lip mask that will keep your smile looking great when you step off the plane.

Use multi-purpose makeup that lasts.

Lipstick that doubles as a cheek stain, tint, or shadow gives you a little extra oomph all-over.

Keep yourself (re)freshed.

Avoid strong perfumes out of respect for your fellow travelers, but a light essential oil can go a long way to both relax you and make your skin smell fresh. Bonus tip: pack some travel febreeze to remove the dreaded “airplane stench” from your clothing.

Bring an eye roller or de-puffer

Bringing an eye or jade roller on the flight can be beneficial for post-flight puffiness. 

Find a routine.

Consistency in a routine will help your body (and mind) adjust to frequent travel.

What’s your top travel beauty hack?