Chosen from thousands of hours of business travel experience, here’s Bombshell’s guide to the best (and worst) cities for business travel.

Best Cities for Business Travel

New York City

Great local restaurants, easy flights from anywhere, and multiple airports to choose from. You can always find something new to do, and it feels more like a “treat yo self” moment than work. Plus, the public transportation is a huge plus – you can get to anywhere in the city with the swipe of your metro pass.


Chicago is easy to navigate by public transit, and the walkability is on-point if you’re staying in the city. Good food and entertainment options are a plus, too – deep dish pizza, anyone?!


Seattle is set up for easy downtown exploration by foot for decompressing at the end of a long workday. Although the weather can get pretty rainy, the temperature rarely dips into the extreme.


Those that frequent Detroit know the secret. It’s an interesting and eclectic city that is in a constant state of change. People are friendly, there are a ton of new restaurants and bars opening up, and it’s small enough that you can walk pretty much everywhere – especially in the summer. Though the winters do make that a bit more difficult. Warm winter coat, please!


London Heathrow is a new favorite due to recent updates of their immigration area. It’s easy to just scan your passport and breeze right through to baggage claim. They also have many choices for food, outdoor shopping districts, short sight-seeing opportunities.

Worst Cities for Business Travel

Bay Area

San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay Area can be difficult because traffic is a nightmare and public transit is somewhat limited or unwelcoming to those who don’t know the system. However, we will say that we love the City by the Bay for its variety and adventure – culinary, natural beauty, people, and unique neighborhoods. Pro Tip – learn BART and you’re golden. There’s also a reason why Uber and Lyft got their starts in the Bay that go beyond the VC interest!


Fair warning: Houston is EXTREMELY spread out and it can be hard to find healthy food options closeby. You spend so much time in a car, mostly in traffic, so expect a big Uber bill. Though if you get close enough to stop in at a Buc-ees, you have to make a stop! Good news is that Bombshell is working with several local City Mavens to bring you Houston delights so you can find your Treat-Yo-Self moments.


Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic, which ends up taking up a lot of time and money even just to get into the city from the airport. Tip: the exception is the subway from one of their three main airports. This can be a much better alternative to bracing the traffic. If you’re in an Uber or Lyft in LA, take a look on the 405 or the 5 and you might get a sense for one reason behind the traffic – so few people carpool! Solo drivers, anyone!


The Atlanta Airport is consistently ranked one of the worst in America. Nothing about the airport or getting to business meetings feels easy, but there ARE fantastic neighborhoods to explore in Atlanta, so bake in some “you-time” for exploration before heading back to the airport.

This is Bombshell’s guide today and we’re always exploring the best and worst so you can stay connected everywhere. We’re curious how you would rate your business travel experience to these featured cities and would like to hear from you. Please comment on our Blog or engage with us on our social media.